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[FWD EMAIL] HKDR lost dog 07Feb09

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來自: 狗教授兼狗醫生           Prof. 發 + Prof. 財
[FWD EMAIL] HKDR lost dog 07Feb09

Tokyo Joe is lovely dog that has been living in the Pokfulam kennels for at least one or two years. He is non agressive and shy, a good doggie. see file. If any of you may see him around, please call the numbers below.

Tokyo Joe (TJ) is a Hong Kong Dog Rescue dog and was lost on Saturday 7th Feb at the TOP of the steps that lead to the HK trail, the steps start from the barrier to the entrance of Pokfulam Reservoir.

TJ is exceptionally shy and can be very frightened. He is a young, orange colour, mid size mongrel, with a distinctive left, floppy ear.

If you see him, please DO NOT try to catch him as he will run, please contact the numbers below ASAP, so we can get a familiar volunteer to get him.

Emma: 9740 0719 or
Nana: 9197 4030

Thank you

大女-必發-Prof. FAT
細女-得財-Prof. CHOI

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